Rhodes University Zoology Honours

Rhodes University Zoology Honours

Honours in Zoology & Entomology

The Department offers separate Honours courses in Zoology, Entomology, Marine Biology and African Vertebrate Biodiversity. The aims of these courses are to produce graduates who think in an analytical and critical way and who are capable of independent research, from project planning and experimental design to scientific writing.

Students participate in a core course of statistics, scientific writing and philosophy of science, and undertake a series of seminars, two major projects and a number of content-based courses. Whenever possible, students undertake a major field trip and attend a local scientific conference. Details of each Honours course are presented below. Joint honours with cognate disciplines (e.g. Botany) may be permitted at the discretion of the heads of departments concerned.

Zoology Honours

The content-based courses include special topics in animal reproduction and life histories, animal behaviour, insect sociology, disturbance ecology, evolutionary biology and applied zoology. Candidates undertake two research projects in any field of Zoology.
Entomology Honours
The course consists of advanced studies in Entomology, with special emphasis on insect ecology, economic entomology, insecticide resistance, insect sociology, pollination ecology, biological control and evolutionary biology. Candidates undertake two entomological research projects.

Marine Biology Honours

Candidates should have either Botany, Zoology or Ichthyology as major BSc subjects (exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Head of Department). The course consists of advanced studies in Marine Biology, with special emphasis on physical/chemical oceanography, planktonic food webs, benthic food webs, fringing communities, fisheries management and life history strategies. Candidates undertake two marine biological research projects. This course normally involves a 4-6 week field trip to sub-Antarctic Marion Island.

African Vertebrate Biodiversity Honours

This course will focus on the principles that underpin sustaining vertebrate biodiversity in Africa. The course consists of advanced studies in vertebrate biology with emphasis on biogeography and biodiversity, population processes and life history patterns, physiological adaptations, and conservation and management. There is a strong practical component, in which students get field experience in ornithology and mammalogy. Candidates undertake two vertebrate research projects. There will normally be at least two week-long field trips in a local reserve.

MSc and PhD degrees

Suitably qualified students are encouraged to proceed to the research degrees of MSc and PhD under the direction of the staff of the Department. Requirements for the MSc and PhD degrees are given in the General Rules.

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