Rhodes University Human Resources

Rhodes University Human Resources

Vision and Mission

In pursuit of academic distinction, Rhodes University strives to offer an employment partnership of choice to prospective and current staff by:

  • Furthering institutional excellence and appreciating contribution in support of such excellence; and
  • Affording respect and dignity to both the individual and the collective.

The HR Division plays a pivotal role in realising this commitment. The vision of the HR Division is to realise the successful implementation of this employment partnership of choice, believing this will be achieved through:

  • Championing this partnership and its achievement
  • Demonstrating leadership in all that we do
  • Partnering with management and staff

Rhodes University is committed to attracting and retaining staff of the highest calibre namely:

  • Academic staff who can promote excellence and innovation in teaching and research;
  • Support staff who by their professional conduct actively support this academic endeavour; and
  • Academic and support staff who together create an environment that encourages students to reach their full potential

How to Contact the Human Resources Division:

Please use the following contact details as a starting point. If necessary, you will be referred to the appropriate person or area.

For staff, please liaise with the HR Generalist team for your work area or Faculty, list here: http://www.ru.ac.za/humanresources/hr/meettheteam/

Academic Operations: 046 603 8061

Humanities: 046 603 7036or 046 603 8043

Commerce, Education & Law: 046 603 8971 or 046 603 7265

Pharmacy & Science: 046 603 8920 or 046 603 8001

Support Operations: 046 603 8725

Infrastructure, Finance & Operations: 046 603 7450/ 046 603 7037/ 046 603 8616/ 046 603 8117

Administrative Divisions & Dean of Students: 046 603 8899 or 046 603 8753


Director: Human Resources: 046 603 8114

Assistant to the Director: Human Resources 046 603 8113

Deputy Director: Human Resources: 046 603 8792

Assistant to the Deputy Director of Human Resources: 046 603 8591

Financial HR Specialist: 046 603 8002

Financial HR Officer: 046 603 8835

Industrial Relations & Employment Equity Specialist: 046 603 8876

Organisational Development Specialist: 046 603 8714

Fax/Email to be used for referral of Labour issues to CCMA & Labour Court:

  • Tel: 046 603 8876
  • Fax Number:  046 603 7612
  • Email :  iree@ru.ac.za
  • Contact Person:  Mr. Cecil Peters IR & EE Specialist

Correspondence to be directed to HR Division, Rhodes University, P.O. Box 94 Grahamstown, 6140

HR Organogram


This webpage provides documentation and information that is often requested from the HR Division such as:

  • Lists e.g. honorary appointment, current HoDs and current Deans
  • Information e.g. presentations given to staff on HR issues, current information related to salary increases
  • Policies and protocols e.g. Equity policy, Recruitment and Selection policies, Disciplinary code
  • Templates e.g. applications for leave, merit awards
  • Toolkits e.g. writing a job profile, writing a probationary report

The following website addresses may also prove useful:

  • www.labour.gov.za for copies of the labour legislation such as the Employment Equity Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour Relations Act;
  • www.saqa.org.za to access the South African Qualifications Authority. This body certifies qualifications for foreign nationals wishing to be employed in RSA;
  • www.etdpseta.org.za to access the Education Training and Development Practices SETA.