Vacancies at Eskom for Senior Technologies and Senior Instructor Training

vacancies at eskomVacancies at Eskom are the South Africa vacancies from Eskom, whish is the electricity public utility of South African established in 1923. This company was established by the government as the Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) in term of Electricity Act. The African name known for this company is EVKOM, from Elektrisiteitsvoorsieningskommissie. The govermental company is called as Eskom nowadays, after the acronyms were combined in the year of 1986. The Eskom company is considered the largest electricity producer of Africa.

Vacancies at Eskom: Senior Technologies and Senior instructor Training (Water Treatment Pant)

Vacancies at Eskom vary. One of them is a vacancy for Senior Technologies position. The specialization area of this position is to support and development of technology designs, standards, specifications, strategies, and processes. The location of the vacancy is in Eskon Enterprise Park, Sunninghill. This vacancy will be closed on 20 August 2012.

For the requirements, this vacancy has the minimum standard. The qualification should be M Dip Tech, M Tech, B Tech, or National Higher Diploma, Mechatronics, Computer, Civil, and more. For the experience, the applicant should have at least experience of four-year post qualification in design integration, engineering design, and engineering management in power generation technologies of materials handling low pressure services plant, draft group, or more.  The skill competencies needed in leadership, behavior, skill, knowledge, skill, attribute, and assessment.

The other position of vacancies is Senior instructor Training (Water Treatment Pant). To train and develop Operating Staff and Learns Department Training is this position specialization area. This position Business Unit is Arnot Power Station and located in the Arnot Power Station, Mpumalanga. The reference number of this position is 49919953TJM/329-853638. The application will be closed on 15 August 2012. About the minimum requirements, this position need those who has experience of three years experience related toe this position specialization area and grade 12 + 3 in the qualification column. There are some competencies and skills the applicant should have, such as interviewing skills and analyzing skills. Find the complete requirements and info for further vacancies at Eskom information.

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